Lao Global seek to be recognised as a reliable Lao company who provide high quality civil construction services for a reasonable price.

People management


Lao Global believe people are the key to any successful venture and strive to be an employer of choice.


safety management

KhoneKham Lovanxay

Khonekham is a civil engineer and holds a project management diploma.  With over 20 years’ experience with infrastructure construction, he was recently Project Manager with Phu Bia Mining where he managed construction projects such as a processing plant upgrade ($45m),  a large variety of general capital works, road upgrades and site rehabilitation.  Khonekham is skilled in safety, civil engineering, project control, procurement, expediting, logistics, quality control, commissioning, reporting, contractor management and government relations.

Lao Global believe a safe project is an efficient project.  We operate to international standards under a Safety Management Plan that covers aspects such as responsibilities, competency and training, risk management and assessment, and standards such as PPE, working at heights, equipment operation, excavation, fitness for work and hot work.


Lao Global focus on planning and monitoring of progress to ensure on budget and on schedule outcomes.

Lao Global believe that the right people and motivated people are the key to our success.  We have access to a pool of Lao staff across the various construction disciplines, including supervisors, leading hands, engineers, equipment operators, lifting specialists, rebar fixers, carpenters, concrete finishers, welders, pipe fitters, mechanics, electricians and support staff.  Our employment conditions include market competitive salaries, safe transport to and from the work site, comfortable sleeping conditions, food and washing facilities.

Rob Usher

Rob is a mining engineer who has worked for 25 years in the international mining industry across seven countries with three companies.  He is experienced in open pit/underground mining, processing, maintenance and support activities, greenfields/brownfields project development and construction, and regional exploration.  During his first eight years in Laos, he led in-country activities for Phu Bia Mining, which grew into a leading producer of copper and gold in Asia.  From early 2015 Rob has been working independently as the co-founder and 50% owner of Lao Global.