Geotechnical Drilling - Nam Ngum River
Location:  Vientiane Province
Project Schedule:  Mar 18 - Oct 18
Project Description:  In partnership with Geotech International, undertake a geological and geotechnical investigation for the Nam Ngum 3 hydropower project, as part of the feasibility study for the project.  The scope included geological mapping, drilling and mapping of geotechnical boreholes, both on the banks and in the river, collection and laboratory testing of samples and preparation of a bankable report.

Past projects

Caruso Wood Craft - Production Facility
Location:  Vientiane Province
Project Schedule:  May 19 - Oct 19
Project Description:  Caruso manufacture decorative wood crafts for export and sale in Laos.  They had an urgent requirement to construct a new fabrication facility which included a workshop, drying room, office, showroom and toilet.  The project has a contractual deadline.

Copper Processing Plant Upgrade (MMG Sepon)
Location:  Savanakhet Province 
Project Schedule:  Oct 15 – Mar 16
Project Description:  Contracted directly to the owner MMG, the project involved construction of 450 cu.m. of 30 Mpa structural concrete foundations for an expansion to the copper processing plant.  The project called for high accuracy for several hundred hold down bolts and high standards of safety.

Hydropower Spillway Expansion – Lao State Owned Power Company (EdL Gen)
Location:  Vientiane Province 
Project Schedule:  March 16 – Aug 16
Project Description:  Sub-contracted to ACAS, the project involved modification of two spillways at EdL’s Nam Leuk hydropower project and one spillway at EdL’s Nam Mang 3 hydropower project.  Spillway profiles had to be modified to accept the Fusegate system.  60 concrete Fusegates, ranging from 3 tonne to 20 tonne, were precast in Vientiane and transported to the spillway sites for installation.  The project called for high accuracy under the supervision of patent owner Hydroplus from France.  

Private House Construction
Location:  Vientiane Province
Project Schedule:  Dec 17 - Nov 18
Project Description:  Supply of materials and construction of a two floor 300 square metre residential house and swimming pool. 

Plywood Factory - Burapha Agro-Forestry
Location:  Vientiane Province
Project Schedule:  May 19 - Present
Project Description:  Owners Engineer for a Finnish company who are constructing a $12m plywood mill north of Vientiane. Our role is to monitor the quality control and compliance to their own standards of the contractor, CAMCE of China.

Hydropower Project - Large Retaining Walls
Location:  Bolikamxay Province
Project Schedule:  Nov 16 - Nov 18
Project Description:  There were four projects undertaken for CMC as lead contractor for the Nam Theun 1 Hydropower ​Project:

1)  Supply of materials and construction of three large concrete foundations and retaining walls (75m x 20m x 0.4m).  The walls separate the various crushed products discharged from the crushing plant, prior to conveying to the RCC mixing plant.  Due to the narrow dimensions of the walls, a vertical slip form system was used.

2)  Due to failure of the existing sewerage system, a significant upgrade was undertaken including construction of two large septic tanks and installation of 2.7 km of piping.  The system services the contractors large camp and office complex.

3)  Supply of materials and construction of a 60,000 litre fuel farm for the NT1 project including earthworks, civil construction, pipework, drainage and oil/water separator.

4)  Supply of batch plant and concrete mixer trucks for mixing and supply of on-specification ready mix concrete.