Phu Bia Mining – Exploration Storage Shed Foundations

Location:  Vientiane Province

Project Schedule:  Jul 16

Project Description:  Construction of a concrete foundation and hold down bolts for installation of a pre-fabricated steel storage shed, site levelling and backfilling with competent material.

MMG Sepon Operation – Scrubber Project

Location:  Savanakhet Province 

Project Schedule:  Oct 15 – Mar 16

Project Description:  Contracted directly to MMG, the project involved construction of 450m3 of 30 Mpa structural concrete foundations for an expansion to the copper processing plant.  The project called for high accuracy for several hundred hold down bolts and high standards of safety.

Past projects

ACAS – EdL Production Increase Project

Location:  Vientiane Province 

Project Schedule:  March 16 – Aug 16

Project Description:  Sub-contracted to A Construction and Supply Company (ACAS), the project involved modification of two spillways at EdL’s Nam Leuk hydropower project and one spillway at EdL’s Nam Mang 3 hydropower project. 

Spillway profiles had to be modified to accept the Fusegate system.  60 concrete Fusegates, ranging from 3 tonne to 20 tonne, were pre-cast in Vientiane and transported to the spillway sites for installation.  The project called for high accuracy under the supervision of patent owner Hydroplus from France.